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Turning Intention into Reality: Making Your Goal SMART

Intentions are crucial to how we live our life. They are crucial pieces that help set the stage for how we approach each day, month, and year. Intentions set the foundation. Yet, intentions alone don’t make your dreams come true.

To make that happen most effectively, you need a focused approach. You need a clear, well-defined Goal.

Sounds simple right? Well, it is.

Yet, many people find it challenging to determine, solidify and define their goal. Of course,

that is why it never gets achieved.

The first step is deciding what you truly want. This cannot be overstated. Once you are clear on what you want you can move forward.

Be very clear and honest with yourself. You may already know at this point or it may still take more deep soul searching. What is it you really, really…really want?

We do not recommend going much further in this process until fleshing out what you truly want.

If you would like more help clarifying what you truly want, we invite you to check out our first few posts, use a life balance assessment tool, and contact us directly. This truly is paramount to your success.

Now that you know what you truly want, how do you take that beautiful, heartfelt intention of yours and turn it into a tangible goal?

Let’s make your goal SMART.

This is a simple process to qualify and quantify your goal. It is also a process that may come quickly or may command some time. We recommend devoting as much time necessary to this process. We are still setting a strong foundation.

SMART stands for:

S: Specific

M: Measurable

A: Attractive

R: Realistic

T: Timetable

Specific: Be Specific. What specifically do you want to achieve?

For instance, your intention might be to live healthier. What, specifically, do you want? What is a goal that creates this healthier lifestyle? Do you want to lose twenty pounds? Do you want to reserve 30 minutes each day for self care?

Measurable: How will you measure it? How will you know when you achieve your goal?

Attractive: Is this something you truly want? What make you passionate about this goal?

Realistic: Is it doable? Often people set “pie in the sly” goals and grow disappointed when they struggle to achieve them. Is your goal reachable? Be honest with yourself and stay open to your skills and abilities.

Timetable: When do you want to achieve this goal? What are some benchmarks along the way necessary to help you reach this goal?

Once you make your goal SMART...

Take a breath.

Pat yourself on the back.

Take a bow even.

Be sure to celebrate your accomplishment and give yourself ample credit for setting this tangible goal.

Congratulations!!! You are one giant step closer to turning your dream into a reality.

John Harrington

John dedicates his life to helping others deepen their connection with the Sacred in the world, nature, and within oneself. He is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Coach Trainer, NLP Practitioner, and Authorized Guide to John of God in Brazil. John currently lives in Boulder, Colorado with his fiancée,Cristina, and their wire hair terrier,Angel, who was found on the streets of Brazil.

Julie Muhsmann

Through her ability to listen and connect intuitively on a deep level, Julie guides clients to acknowledge and honor their own personal strengths to (re)discover their own unique spark and achieve their goals, both personal and professional. She is a certified Spiritual Life Coach and MBA currently living in Dallas, Texas with her husband and two rescued Labradors, Candy and Boom. Shine Bright!

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