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what is

nlp coaching?

NLP has been utilized for personal development and transformation since the 1970s.  It is one the pioneers of realizing we can change our brain.  NLP stands for Neuro (neurological) Linguistic (language) Programming.  It studies the language of our mind and how we interpert our experiences.  NLP offers a wide variety of methods, techniques and guided processes based on understanding how you experience the world. 

NLP Coaching is based on what works. It offers elegant ways of understanding each person’s map of the world so we can arrive at solutions that fit uniquely for you. I realize that you are the ultimate authority on your experience.  As each of us is unique, I will help you discover how your mind interprets and organizes thoughts, feelings, language, and behavior. 

NLP elevates Life Coaching to an entirely new level.  It is extremely versatile.  In addition to being a highly effective approach on its own, NLP also teams quite well with other Coaching methods as well. Depending on your preferences and what works best for you, we can blend NLP with ICF Core Coaching, the Divine Intelligence Process, or utilize a pure NLP approach.

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