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The Divine Intelligence Process is a proven system designed to help you rewire your brain. Rooted in Neuroscience, it helps you get to the core obstacles preventing you from what you truly want. 

As the only person to be hand selected by Dr. Jayne Gardner, founder of the Divine Intelligence Institute, I feel incredibly honored to work directly with her to train aspiring Spiritual Life Coaches and co-lead Divine Intelligence Process Groups. I also greatly enjoy leading Process Groups on my own and coaching people individually through this Process for an even deeper dive. I would love to guide you through this powerful Process either one on one or in a 12 week online group setting depending on what best suits you.   

As described on the Divine Intelligence Institute website:

'The Divine Intelligence Process promises to help you…

  • Gain a full understanding of the latest research in neuroscience on how to rewire your brain to tap into an infinite reservoir of energy.

  • Understand and receive specific directions on how to transcend your conditioning.

  • Remove limiting beliefs that can cause you suffering and sabotage your success.

  • Discover the “you” who has been buried underneath years of hurt, grief, pain, tragedies and more.

  • Learn how to dialogue with yourself to replace negative thinking.

  • Become internally located to manifest your most authentic desires.

  • Manage your emotions and heal traumas that may cause unwanted reactions.

  • Connect to your Authentic Self and LIVE from that sacred space.

  • Live from a space of intention

  • Master your brain: carve out new neuropathways to activate and integrate a new empowered YOU.'

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