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4 Gateways Coaching

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4 Gateways is a powerful and dynamic process for addressing an enormous variety of issues, conflicts, and dilemmas in our lives. The model views both our inner and outer life as a source of learning and discovery using the four archetypes of Sovereign, Magician, Warrior, and Lover to generate transformative experiences for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

This approach allows you the freedom to work on any issue at the depth you choose as you gain access to powerful resources to transform old patterns and access your inner wisdom at levels of:

Thinking (Magician)

Activate your Mind

Tap into your brilliance, intuition, creative perspectives, and clarity

Feeling (Lover)

Access your Feelings

Tune into your heart wisdom and deeply connect to to your emotional intelligence

Doing (Warrior)

Fire up your Doer

Step into your courage and take effective right action

Being (Sovereign)

Evoke your Deep Knowing

Align with your purpose and make choices from deep inner knowing

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