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"My work with John has been not only transformational, but also enlightening. John's openness and ability to communicate are outstanding tools he uses to help me realize my goals, my mindset, and my perspective. Thanks to John, I have shifted at a remarkable rate and will continue to do so. As a result, I have been much more focused on myself and able to examine my situation with a lot more clarity and focus. Thank you John!"


-Tony I, Dallas, TX

"I feel very fortunate to have John as my coach. I am deeply impressed by his skills in getting to the heart of the matter and guiding me to deeper understanding. Through his intelligence and compassion, John creates such a welcoming , safe and honest space. Each session flows easily with his thought-provoking questions, even if the matter at hand is not-so-easy. Together we have been able to co-create actions that are in alignment with with my goals and values, come to some profound insights, and make significant progress. John really helps me move into action by holding me accountable to the designed actions that push me towards my goals, which has been a huge challenge for me in the past."  

Julie M, Dallas, TX

'John facilitates exploration through complicated emotional landscapes, opens up spaces that allow you, as his client, to find ways to come to grips with the things that might be bothersome to you, or different ways of approaching people, relationships, situations that you are finding challenging to various degrees. John's like a compass you can refer to, pointing you in directions that might be promising in helping you deal with the situation you’re trying to work through. 

John’s a great listener and has a special knack of uncovering the essence of what you’re trying to say, and sometimes maybe what you’re not trying to say. Then he makes sure you’re listening to yourself, and then he helps you to start asking the right questions. John’s not the man who gives you one fish when you’re hungry and then walks away, he’s the man teaching you how to fish to feed yourself. 

I’ve been really fortunate to encounter John at just the right time for me, he fit the bill for what I was looking for and he helped me not only achieve the initial goals I had that we established at the beginning of our process, but to exceed them beyond what I thought was in the offering. Working with a coach on personal things involves a great deal of trust, and from the very onset of our relationship, I knew I could fully trust John, and he has upheld that every step along the way, and there were some deeply personal things we discussed that I would only ever talk about with someone I trusted a great deal. Underlying trust is integrity, John has that in abundance. He’s a professional, has deep experience in these things, yet comes across in a completely natural, open way that creates a sense of ease and comfort. 

Lastly, John’s a really nice person and if you have the good fortune to get to know him a little bit, you’ll be the better for it.'

Peter S, Colleyville, TX.

I was drawn to John's coaching presence which is heart felt, warm, expansive, curious and supportive. I've been coached by John several times now and each time I get to see a different facet of what John offers his clients. John is extremely transparent, attentive, and versatile in what he offers. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to explore  coaching with a gifted and loving guide!"

Cathi M, Florida

"Upon meeting John for the first time, one almost immediately finds themselves easily taken in by his passionate spirit for coaching and teaching others. Incredibly understanding and a sensitive listener, John takes his time to sense their feelings and emotions with remarkable ability. I have witnessed him take conscious care in his approach, whether it be calm and gentle or filled with intensity and boldness to help anyone dig deep to find their own solutions, as only great coaches do. John's guidance (and presence, if one is lucky enough to meet him in person) benefits many with the precious gift of the heart of a person who truly cares about seeing others in their highest selves and guiding them on how to see it for themselves." 

Monica L, Dallas, TX

"John is a patient and thorough, teacher and coach. His coaching presence is deeply calm and attentive. He is warm and compassionate, yet extremely powerful by saying the sometimes-hard-to-hear things that need to be said with the right impact. It is obvious that John lives by his word, practicing what he teaches."

Melissa F, New Jersey

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