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Taking Stock of What You Truly Want

Updated: Feb 6, 2018

So you may feel determined to make this year extraordinary. How will you do it? Where will you start? These questions might feel overwhelming, but they don’t need to be. Let’s start with exploring what you truly want…

What Area of Your Life Might Need The Most Attention?

Many coaches, ourselves included, often offer clients a Life Balance Assessment to help clarify and articulate the goal(s) they want to work on during our engagement. This can be extremely useful both when someone doesn't already have a clear-cut goal, as well as when they want to refine it.

When thinking about what your intention for 2018 will be, think about these areas: Family, Career & Business, Health & Wellness, Spiritual Life, Relationships, Money & Finances, Fun & Recreation, Environment (your home, your city).

To ascertain what you would like to focus on this year, first ask yourself what is your level of fulfillment in each area listed above on a scale of 1-10, 10 being ultimate fulfillment, no changes needed whatsoever. If an area is below a 7 (a "C"), what specifically do you want to change in that area?

For example, if it's Environment, are you happy with your current living arrangements? Do you feel safe and secure where you live? Are you pleased with the current organization of your home? Are you satisfied with the amount of natural beauty and tranquility in your environment? Are you pleased with the level of social, cultural and entertainment options offered in your city?

How Do You Want to Prioritize These Areas?

Trying to work on more than a two to three of areas in one year will likely be overwhelming. If you had to rank them on importance to you right now, what would that list look like?

Consider if you could move up that area's fulfillment score, how big of an impact on your bigger life balance picture would that have? Consider whether one area is causing a negative impact on other areas. Maybe you want to change your living arrangements, but your current financial situation is making that extremely difficult at the moment. Be sure to consider how much joy each of these areas brings you. Perhaps Fun & Recreation brings you immense joy and is more important to you than Career & Business. To thine own self be true!

Listen to the Still Small Voice

Now the fun stuff!

Take a look at your top three focus areas and consider your top area.

Get quiet and close your eyes. Take as much time as you like. What does ultimate fulfillment look like? What brings you joy? What do you see around you? What are your emotions?

Hold onto this visualization and let words come to you to describe it without judgment.

Open your eyes and jot it down. A single word or a fragment is just fine. If this is what you truly want, these words and images will make you feel excited, energized and hopeful.

This is your intention!


Setting a solid intention that resonates strongly with you is a critical first step in achieving what you truly want.

Coming next week: So I have an intention. Now what?

Julie Muhsmann

Through her ability to listen and connect intuitively on a deep level, Julie guides clients to acknowledge and honor their own personal strengths to (re)discover their own unique spark and achieve their goals, both personal and professional. She is a certified Spiritual Life Coach and MBA currently living in Dallas, Texas with her husband and two rescued Labradors, Candy and Boom. Shine Bright!

John Harrington

John dedicates his life to helping others deepen their connection with the Sacred in the world, nature, and within oneself. He is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Coach Trainer, NLP Practitioner, and Authorized Guide to John of God in Brazil. John currently lives in Boulder, Colorado with his fiancée,Cristina, and their wire hair terrier,Angel, who was found on the streets of Brazil.

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