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john of god spiritual healing journeys

john of god

João Teixeira de Faria, often referred to as John of God, was born to a poor family on June 24, 1942.  His family could not afford a proper education for him, and João left home at the tender age of 14 to work.  When João was 16 a beautiful woman appeared to him.  She spent hours talking to him and told him to go to a Spiritist Center where people were waiting for him. Upon arrival at the Center, João fainted and the spirit of King Solomon entered into his body and spent hours curing those present. João was unconscious during the incorporation, and was informed only after he regained consciousness what had happened to him. His work continues in the same fashion today. “When I feel intense spiritual peace, and indestructible happiness, this is the sign that incorporation will follow”, says João.  Many helpful entities enter and use the body of John of God to heal others.

João continually states that “I do not heal anyone, it is God and the good spirits which work through me that heal”.  This simple man has dedicated his entire life to what he calls “his mission”, offering himself as a full trance medium channel at least three days a week with two sessions per day at the center in Abadiania called The Casa.  The heavy schedule, incorporating and disincorporating, and the intense work performed can take a heavy toll on the body.  Even with this toll, Medium João is determined to see his mission through to the end.  He currently enjoys good health, and also says that with or without him, the healing work of The Casa de Dom Ignacio will continue.

healing at the casa

The healing process at the Casa begins the moment you decide to come.  Once you arrive in Abadiânia, the healing is a fulltime process.  After you arrive home, the healing continues for weeks and often months.  I will be here to help you leading up to the trip, throughout our time shared in Abadiânia, and following your arrival home to answer questions, provide love, support and hold sacred space for you.   There are many intricacies to the healing that takes place at the Casa.


The Casa of Dom Ignacio is a spiritual hospital.  Numerous people of many faiths flock here for healings on both the physical and spiritual level.  The helpful spirits, referred to as the Entities of the Casa (and Entities of Light), create a powerful, healing energy throughout the Casa and Abadiânia.  Many of these spirits were doctors, therapists, healers, and notable figures during their lifetime.  The Entities provide a strong support to help you with your desired healing.  You are also responsible to commit to do your part in your own healing.  It is a co-active process.  


Joao Teixeira de Farias, or ‘John of God’, is a full trance incorporation medium.  Although he remains a simple man, strength, conviction, and faith emanate from his being.   During Casa sessions, he donates his body to work with the helpful spirits of the Casa.  Joao continually reminds visitors:  “I do not heal anyone, it is God and the good spirits which work through me that heal.”  


Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays are Casa Days.  During this time, ‘John of God’ receives incorporation from one of the helpful Entities of the Casa.  Each person may visit him with three requests for help once per day.  The Entity will hear your requests and scan your energy body to determine what would be most helpful for you.  You will then be told, through a translator, instructions on the protocol to follow to help with your requests.  There are a number of possibilities (blessed herbs, crystal bed, spiritual intervention or “surgery”, meditation in the “current” room, visit the sacred waterfall, etc.).  Rest assured, I will accompany you through the line to hold space for you, ensure we are clear about instructions on your next step, answer questions, etc.

general itenerary

2018 Guided Journeys with John

April 16th - April 28th

Additional Journeys: To Be Announced

Week 1 


Embark on your journey



Upon arrival in Brasilia, a Casa approved taxi driver will greet you at the airport and bring you to our accommodations.  

Your beautiful hotel (Pousada) is only a few blocks from the Casa.  After you settle into your room, you may choose to relax in the gardens, and/or walk around to nearby shops, cafes, etc.   


After lunch, we will go on a tour of the Casa grounds, sit in the powerful healing energy, and become familiar with surroundings.

Following our introduction to the Casa, you may choose to sit within the Casa grounds, rest, or receive an orientation to the town of Abadiânia.  


Tonight and every night, we will gather as a group at 6pm for dinner, discussions, sharing, and questions. 


We will meet at the Casa after breakfast for a more in-depth explanation of the healing process, useful tools and resources, and Casa Protocol. 


Today, you will have the opportunity for a Crystal Bed Session as well as plenty of time for personal introspection in preparation for the Casa Week.


We will meet as a group at noon for lunch at our pousada and discuss general approaches to requests for help, healing opportunities and answer any questions.


Personal meetings will be offered in the afternoon to help you finalize your requests for your first meeting with John of God.

At dinner, we will again gather as a group, share personal stories, and answer questions as we prepare for the first Casa session.   

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: 

The Casa Week! Morning sessions begin at 8am and afternoon sessions are at 2pm at the Casa.  

We will meet as a group before each session.  I will be available to provide assistance, support you, and answer any questions.   

Wednesday morning will be your first time in front of ‘John of God’. I will present you to him and after the meeting and you will be told through a translator what is the next step of your healing process.


There are multiple possibilities such as: spiritual “surgery”, sessions in the ”current” rooms, crystal bed sessions, massages, waterfall healings, recovery time, etc.  Following the instructions, we will meet outside and I will guide you on your next step, ensure you understand the protocol and answer any questions you may have.


The remainder of the week will be determined by the treatment prescribed by ‘John of God’

The quaint town of Abadiania offers an ideal place to integrate the deep healing  


Week 2 

Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday:   

Saturday through Tuesday are typically spent integrating, resting and rejuvenating.  It is very important to follow the instructions for your treatment, listen to your body, and rest as needed.

Depending on the stage of your healing process, I will offer to schedule Crystal beds and lead the group to the sacred waterfall for a spiritual cleansing. 

Sunday morning from 9:00-10:00 am, we will gather for an interfaith prayer service with beautiful singing in multiple languages at the Casa.(optional)  

Following this prayer service, there is an opportunity for a powerful guided forgiveness meditation led by Son of the Casa, Ron Peris.  After he explains the extremely healing “bus meditation”, you will be able to practice the meditation at the Casa and bring it with you wherever you go.  

Tuesday morning beginning at 7:00 am, all are welcome to join me to volunteer cutting vegetables for the week’s Blessed soup. 

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday:

During the second Casa week, you another opportunity to go before ‘John of God’ to request help.  Many additional opportunities may also be available depending on the stage of your healing process.  You may choose to go before ‘John of God’ again to ask for help with more requests, sit in the “Current” rooms to support and receive the healing energy through meditation, or sit in the energy of the Main Hall (if you’re lucky, you may even witness a physical surgery performed on stage), .  You will also have the opportunity to present photos and requests of your friends and family to ‘John of God’.  Throughout this whole process, I will continue to be present with you to assist on your healing journey. 

Friday night:

Group gathering, going away party and sharing



On your final day of this journey to the Casa, you may choose to sleep late or get up early to watch a beautiful sunrise.  Many people pack, shop, take crystal bed sessions, reflect on the experience, and mentally prepare to return home.  

Departure to the airport with Casa approved taxi driver for your flight home.




 Arrive home and continue to be gentle with yourself as your healing continues.

Post Journey:

It is extremely important to continue following Casa protocol for the duration of your treatment.  The healing process often continues for weeks and months after you leave Abadiânia.

2 to 4 weeks after you arrive home (depending on preferences), you will have an opportunity for a video call with me to ask any additional questions, receive additional support and guidance on your transition, and discuss any healing that has occurred since departing Abadiânia.   Prior to our call, please do not hesitate to email me with any questions or schedule a time to talk sooner.  I am here to help throughout the entire process.

planning your trip


I would love to help make your journey as convenient as possible for you.  Please reach out to me at for help with logistics including airline tickets, visa advice and details (such as making sure your visa has 6 passport remaining), transport from the airport to Abadiania, and any other questions about your life changing journey.  

What to Bring

Prior to your trip, I will send you a detailed checklist of helpful items to bring that will be helpful on your journey (types of clothes, travel adapters, miscellaneous items, etc).  My goal is to minimize your stress throughout this process and allow you to receive maximum benefit from your journey to John of God.  

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